Omnes Ad Unum is a group operating within the Charitable status of St John’s and St Mary Devizes to raise funds for both the Church and good causes within the wider Devizes Community.

Its members are drawn from those living in and around Devizes and it is broadly based.

Events are organised throughout the year, with a portion of the funds raised being donated to local organisations and charities.

The next event is:

Candlelit Christmas Bazaar & Carol Concert

2 December 1pm -7pm     

Carol Concert - 7pm -8pm

St John’s Church Christmas Tree Festival

2 December  - 6 January 2017

Come and experience Christmas shopping in a magical setting of candles and music in a most beautiful building, surrounded by glistening trees. Warm yourself with mulled wine and taste good Wiltshire food.

With over 40 artisan stalls selling an amazing assortment of gifts for all ages, why struggle with traffic, internet failures and elbows when you can relax and find all you need here. Then you can sit and relax and listen to carols by the acclaimed choir of St. John’s Church.

Omnes Ad Unum (All for One) Devizes was set up in early 2015 and draws its members from St. John’s Church and the local community of Devizes and surrounding areas. This is what gives it its strength.

The aim of the group is to raise money for the community and the Church.

To date it has been responsible for raising over £60,000 for the Community of Devizes.

TreeFestivalPictures 2

This year we are aiming to raise £10,000 at the Bazaar and Tree Festival.  75% of which will go to benefit the following charities:

  • Julia’s House Children’s Hospice  
  • Canons House
  • Devizes Opportunity Centre
  • Bradbury Manor
  • Wiltshire Young Carers
  • Rowdeford Charitable Trust