Living Churchyard

Next meeting: Friday 12th July at 6.00pm - in the Churchyard

                       Friday 10th August at 6.00pm - in the Churchyard


Volunteers are always needed and welcomed for the ‘Churchyard Working Group’ that meets to maintain and tidy the churchyard. If you can spare some time please contact:

Mike McClelland(                                               Chris Cox (


 Choir Away Visits to sing Evensong

The Choir have been invited to sing Evensong at  St Mary's, Orchardleigh on Sunday 21st July at 6pm.

Please note that there will be NO EVENING SERVICE at St John's on this Sunday. If you would like to come along and support the choir on either or both trips, please sign the sheet in the cross-aisle or contact Chris Totney on or 07811 629062.



This year Omnes is asking the Congregations of St John’s with St Mary’s to select the beneficiaries from the Michaelmas Fayre and the Christmas Tree Festival. This Sunday; 14th July, and next Sunday 21st July, there will be available a voting paper in which there are fifteen suggestions which you can put in order of preference – please select five only and mark them 1-5 (with 1 being you first choice) then the voting papers are to be put into the ‘ Christmas Post-box’ on the Welcome Table in the Cross Aisle.


Sunday 29th September

Live Broadcast on BBC Radio 4

Our church has been chosen to broadcast the Sunday Worship service live on BBC Radio 4 on 29th September at 8.10am. The service will take up the theme of the Creationtide season and we would appreciate a large congregation to help broadcast some rousing harvest hymns to listeners around the world!