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Next Working Party Dates for St John's: 10th & 24th August 2-4pm

Next Working Party Dates for St Mary's: 28th July, 17th & 30th August 2-4pm 

June 2022

It was humid and hot this afternoon for the small group gardening at St Mary’s, so we stayed in the shade and did some drain and nettle clearing, and took more ivy off one of the tombs. Quite a lot of colour in the churchyard at the moment, which is lovely!


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Following feedback, going forward we will email all Volunteers a reminder of the next Working Party date 1 week prior, asking you to respond with either a Yes or No as to whether you're able to attend. This will help us better manage tasks.

We're very grateful to everyone who currently volunteers & helps out. We fully understand that not everyone will be able to help out all of the time & sometimes it may only be for a short period of time. All help is very gratefully received!

We would also like to encourage anyone who isn't able to come regularly or who maybe hasn't been for a while to just come along to any one of the working parties for chat & cup of tea, & to see what's happening.


Volunteer Recruitment & Promotion of Both Living Churchyards

At both recent Hillworth Park & Jubilee Events we promoted the aims of the Living Churchyards & informed people of the opportunities to volunteer. 

Churchyard Management Plan for St Mary's - Last month Ivan Randall from Caring for God's Acre & Stanton St Quintin Church, came to help identify and advise us on a plan to move forwards. Based upon Ivan's observations and advice, Felicity Cole is currently drawing up a proposed enhanced layout plan.


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Ivy After


St Mary's - The St Mary's Volunteers Won the Battle of the ivy!

This was of particular importance due to the damaged being created to the wall and its render.

Community Payback have finished the grass cutting and the old and ugly tank has been removed. 

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A huge thankyou! to all the children, Mums, Neighbours & Churchyard Volunteers who came along & helped out at our Bug Hotel 2 Event, at St Mary's.

Special thanks goes to Churchyard Volunteers Sophie & Felicity who made the event happen!

A beautiful, natural looking bug hotel, was built from natural & otherwise waste materials

I hope you can go check it out - its situated at the back of the churchyard next to Commercial Road.

The children were complete superstars & even wrote notes welcoming the bugs to their new home!! 


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We are a small group of volunteers working with the Churchwardens of St John's and St Mary's. We meet regularly in the churchyard with the aim of managing and developing the churchyard to benefit its wildlife.

We would welcome more volunteers and you don’t have to be a churchgoer to join in. If you would like to take part in one of our practical “hands on” Work Sessions, even for ½ hour or so, you would be very welcome. We always make time for tea and cake too!