February  2018



February is upon us already, a month of hearts and roses; yes the feast of St. Valentine was first decreed in 496 by Pope Gelasius I. However the romantic connotations of St Valentine are traced back to Geoffrey Chaucer when it first became associated with romantic love.

But how is it, on this day, that for some it can feel that romance has passed us by, or has missed us out? It is wonderful for those wrapped up in romance, but for others it can feel cold and lonely. For those who do feel that way, it can seem that the whole of the rest of the world are in love and they are the only ones feeling lost and alone and then, sometimes romance is, well, just not enough.

You may have noticed, or then you may not have, that I use the word Romance not Love; that is because, unfortunately, St Valentine has become associated with Romance, which is very different from Love. Love being the one word so often missing from our lives.

However, real Love is on the cards for us all this month as it is also the beginning of Lent, when Christ goes into the wilderness and, in an attempt to draw him away from his journey for the short term gain of the world, the devil tempts him.

But Jesus never gives in to the temptation of the here and now. No; he resists the temptation, despite knowing that his end was near and was probably not going to end well. He continued for real Love, not just for one special person, for he was one so special there is none other that can compare. He continues for Love of us all, the unworthy, the unkind, the unruly, we who are so undeserving of his great Love. Now this is the Love story to hear.

So, if this February, you are feeling one of the lost and the lonely or unloved, if you feel you are always on the outside looking in, or even if you are one of the blessed ones and have love in abundance, there is always more. God has an unending supply of Love for each and every one of us. What is more, he is here waiting to light that fire of Love in you, always loving, always reaching out for you. Come and receive that Love from Him.

With love, I wish you all a very Happy St Valentines Day and a Lent well spent!

May God bless you all.