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Meet the Author: Sandra Howard

'Love at War' ♦ 3rd August 2022 ♦ Tea: 2pm ♦ Talk 2.30pm

TICKETS: £10 from Devizes Books, Sidmouth St. or on the door.

This a charity Event for St. Mary Devizes

The proceeds of the event will go towards the regeneration of St Marys Church Devizes into a community centre venue for performing arts, exhibition, and home to an educational foundation majoring on arts and cultures influence on well-being together with that of the environment.

St Mary Devizes (New Park Street - behind the Castle hotel) will be specially opened on the day between 10am and 1pm.

Both it and St Johns are wonderful twelfth century grade one listed churches and well worth seeing.

In collaboration with with Devizes Books, Omnes ad Unum will welcome Sandra Howard to Devizes to launch and sign her new book “Love at War”. 

Sandra will give a brief talk followed by an interview and questions from the audience. Tea will be served to all who attend and there will be the opportunity to meet and talk with Sandra. It is rather nice that Sandra, once a school girl in Devizes, should return for this occasion

About Sandra Howard

  • Sandra Howard (nee Paul) was one of the leading fashion models of the 1960s, appearing on the cover of American Vogue two months running.

  • She worked as a freelance journalist alongside modelling, before turning to novel writing. She continues to write regularly for the press.

  • Her six previous novels, Glass Houses, Ursula’s Story, A Matter of Loyalty, Ex-Wives, Tell the Girl and The Consequence of Love, are all available in paperback and on Kindle.

  • Sandra is actively involved with two national charities, Addaction, a charity helping people to fight drug and alcohol addiction, and as a vice president of Youth Epilepsy.
  • She also supports First Story, a charity that provides funds to enable well-known writers to hold creative writing classes in inner city schools.

  • She has three adult children: Sholto, Nick and Larissa, and is married to the former British Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard. They live in London and Kent.

Picture crown

Omnes chose to mark the unique event of the Queen’s Jubilee this year with a celebratory formal dinner in the Town Hall on 3rd June.

This event was designed to generate sorely needed funds for our own Church as well as Julia’s House and Dorothy House.

The evening consisted of the following.

  • Vintage Champagne reception.

  • 3 course dinner in the Assembly Room with table wines provided.

  • A Champagne Loyal Toast to her Majesty.

  • After dinner entertainment by Rosemary Hawthorne with her witty comments on her collection of Vintage clothing articles, including perhaps Queen Victoria’s knickers. 

  • There will be musical accompaniment during the evening which will conclude with singing of Land of Hope and Glory and the National anthem.

For more information please contact Either MIKE SANDERS  07770944261  OR   TIM LACY-HULBERT  07970795581


Omnes ad Unum

In January 2015, rather the same as the situation now, the regular income and plate donations did not cover the necessary expenditure of the church.

It was decided that it would be a good idea if some events to generate cash could be organised and Ali Morley, our curate, then was charged with finding “volunteers” to start the process.  A well- attended meeting was organised. At that meeting it was decided that a “membership” of St John’s with a subscription was inappropriate as the congregation essentially was its membership. It was also decided on the name, that Omnes would organise and co-ordinate social events to raise funds, that it would not hold jumble sales. But the most significant decisions were that from each event a proportion of the profit would be distributed to a charity or charities and that proportion would not be less than 50%. Furthermore Omnes would act independently of the PCC and encourage the support and involvement of those who are not parishioners of St Johns . In essence, Omnes would book for events via The Parish Office, but benefit from no booking fees.

Omnes ad Unum came into being on these bases in March 2015 to raise funds for St John as the civic and community church for Devizes together with good local causes by organising events. Since inception it has been responsible for the raising of almost £160,000 of which over 85% has been directly to the benefit of local charities.  Much of the money actually distributed has resulted in the beneficiaries being able to obtain further funding grants: hence this large figure. 

It operates under the charitable status of the Church of England and continues to be run entirely by non-paid volunteers, and does not  incur any fixed overheads. Volunteers are drawn from various backgrounds. Whilst originally established to augment St Johns cash flow but with its interaction with the community many of its events are now part of Devizes regular events.  In 2021 86 local businesses participated in the Advent Window Trails together with a further 48 household supporters.

Events throughout the years have included a series of concerts, Pimms parties, silent auctions, bridge days, gala dinners and visits by authors of books, McCall Smith being a notable guest.

In recent years Omnes has benefitted from a group of major sponsors enabling events such as the Christmas tree festival to expand. Foremost among these sponsors have been Cross Engineering, Grist Environmental, Devizes Town Council, Wansboroughs Solicitors and Wiltshire Wealth  Management.  It also benefits with help from The Lions, Rotary and many individuals.

Around Christmas Omnes ad Unum conducts its major fund raising push. This breaks down into three elements a Christmas Tree Festival with    concerts; The Devizes Bazaar and a Draw with typical 10 to 12 major prizes and as many as a further 40 generous prizes supplied principally by business organisations.

Coverage of its events by the media has including a BBC Points West   feature, a radio programme from The Tree Festival by BBC Radio Wiltshire, and often in the Gazette and Herald.

In 2022 Omnes ad Unum is adding two major events to its programme, firstly a Grand Gala Dinner and cabaret on the 3rd June, the Jubilee Bank Holiday evening, in the Town Hall which will endeavour to emulate the vastly oversubscribed and highly successful Queens 90th Birthday dinner it previously ran and a traditional English Fayre in Hillworth Park on the 11th June the Queen’s official Birthday.

Since Omnes ad Unum’s inception beneficiaries of its events have included Devizes & District Opportunity Centre, Bradbury Manor, 3rd Devizes Scouts, Devizes District Guiding,Julia’s House Children’s Hospice,  Rowdeford Charity Trust, Wiltshire Young Carers, Caen Hill Countryside Centre, Wiltshire Sight Zoom Club, Canon’s House, Dorothy House Hospice, Wiltshire Air ambulance, The Wilshire Museum, Devizes Food Bank, DOCA and PHAB




What we have achieved

Over the years we have raised well into thousands of pounds to support local charities, all of which are democratically chosen.

To date we have helped the following:

Dorothy House, Canons House, Devizes and District Opportunity Centre, Bradbury Manor, Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Julia’s House Children’s Hospice, Wiltshire Young Carers, local scouts, Guides, Wiltshire Museum, Rowdeford School, Wiltshire Blind Zoom Club, Caenhill Countryside Centre, PHAB, and more.

As with any organisation we desperately need more people to join our dwindling number. If you would like to join, it’s all very informal and friendly and we try to meet bi monthly to catch up with each other and plan events etc. We are well supported by St John’s PCC.

We also welcome any ideas that you may have for fundraising events. We are game to try anything!

Our email is as follows: