Bell at St. John's
  • At least 4 bells hung in the tower in 1498–1500. The clapper of one of these, the 'great' bell, was repaired by John Smith of Bristol in the latter year.
  • Some of the then existing bells were recast by J. Wallis of Salisbury in 1606, and a bell was recast in 1616.
  • In 1641 there were 5 bells. There are now six: (i), (ii), (v), and (vi) of 1663, all apparently by the Purdues, (iv) of 1640, recast 1696 by Robert and William Cor of Aldbourne, (iii) of 1701, recast 1879. The bells were re-hung in 1878, 1897–8, and 1915.
  • A chest with 15 locks, holding title deeds, stood in the chancel in 1629.