Exploring Faith

If you are new to Devizes and looking for a church, or you are exploring Christianity, or are simply wondering if there really is a spiritual dimension to human life, this page will help you get a feel for St John’s, what we’re about, and how you can engage with us.

Can I come to a service at St John’s if I am not a Christian?

Everyone is welcome to come to St John’s whoever you are: whether you are a Christian, a person of another faith or of no particular faith. No one will question your right to be here. All you have to do is come in!

If you are not familiar with a church service you may find that you do not understand why we do or say certain things and what they mean. The minister in charge will be happy to chat with you and to explain and guide you if you wish. We also run courses: Explorer and Confirmation Groups for Adults and Children. However, the choice is yours. You may simply want to be there, to take part, or to sit in a building that has a sacred atmosphere.

St John’s is the town parish church of Devizes. If you live here or are visiting it is your parish church. Even when the church is open and there is nothing going on you are welcome to sit in the quiet, to meditate or pray or simply ‘be’. We want you to enjoy sharing this building with us. This sacred artifact and monument in stone was built by our ancestors for us to come together and open our hearts to God in thanks as we aspire to be the best we can. The very stones speak to us of hundreds of years of prayerful dedication. Come in and let it speak to you.

How do I join St John’s congregation?

Joining St John’s congregation is very straightforward. You simply need to turn up! We will be very pleased to see you and to chat with you, whether you are already a Christian or are exploring what being a Christian might mean.

Some of our congregation are committed Christians and others are on the margins of faith but want to be involved with the activities that go on in their parish church. We recognise that everyone’s faith journey is different and faith is an unfolding and a personal revelation not a demand from the church to believe in strict dogmas. Wherever you stand in your journey of faith, or if you hold ideas of faith in an agnostic way, you are still welcome to be a part of us and of what is going on.

One delight of church, particularly in such a vibrant town as Devizes, is the joy of doing things together and participating in activities and projects. We encourage the sharing of people’s individual gifts and talents as we work together in community to make things happen.

Come as you are. You are very welcome.

How do I become a Christian?

“You did not choose me but I chose you. And I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask him in my name.”

JOHN 15:16

If you are wondering about how to become a Christian or what being a Christian might mean then you can be sure God has set his sights on you already!

Some people put off being a Christian for a long time because they think it means being or acting in a certain way that they don’t feel comfortable with or they see it as being stuffy or old-fashioned. Others think they will be forced to be over-enthusiastic all the time and super happy. Both of these things are caricatures. God does not want to change your personality but the Christian Path does offer personal transformation as we become disciples of God. It is a journey and an adventure of a lifetime.

If you are thinking of what being a Christian might mean, send us a message and the Rector would be very pleased to have a chat with you.

A commitment to following the way of Christ begins with the Rite or Service of Baptism and is often linked with the Service of Confirmation. If you were baptised as a child and now wish to express your faith more seriously the Service of Confirmation will seal your commitment to this ideal. All these things can be explained to you by any of the ministers at St John’s who will be happy to talk to you.

But the real journey begins in your heart as a growing need to explore Christianity becomes for you a way of life. We would be delighted to share this with you and to help and guide you on your way.